Pathfinder: Aftermath

Tsarra's Notes - Game 2 Recap - 3/11/2015

The bard's Log

A gnome has joined our ranks with an even more ludicrous name than our captain Jim Smiley.

Schme Hunglong. I’m more than 100% sure that a Hunglong family name has never existed. Will need to investigate later.


Prince Sebastian shows up and delivers an order. Must be pretty important because I was expecting to never see royalty for at least a year in this shithole.

We head out to defend a caravan. Sure enough we run into goblins. Again Un’ran our half-orc does his thing. I need to remember to buy him something nice. Speaking of nice things… Smiley ripped off his shirt after battle again. I’m more okay with this than I was last time. It’s a beautiful thing.

The rest of the night was a blur. The fucking dwarf and his mini-Schme wanted to go somewhere to find some guy with six fingers and I had been drunk. All I can remember is them dragging me into a dark alley, a fight breaking out, and us winning.

That stupid gnome is pretty hilarious, even if all he wants to do is Smite Evil. “If you want to be Schme lover, you got to get with Schme friends.”



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