Pathfinder: Aftermath

Tsarra's Notes - Game 1 Recap - 2/27/2015

The bard's Log

The Five Failures arrive at Befort for assignment

- John Keyes, the human ranger

- Myself, Tsarra Sunweaver, half-elf bard from Sun’nai, but we’ll get to that later.

- Lushska, a half-elf sorcerer

- Durin Axebeard, some obnoxious dwarf

- That Half-orc that kills things for us.

We’re assigned to Prince Sebastian under the command of Jim Smiley. Yes. Jim Smiley is his fucking name.

We get our stuff from the quartermaster, Chance, Maybe. He seems cool.

We get drinks from the barmaid, Isabella, Maybe who is equally cool. I plan to make friends with this chatty girl.

The very next day we patrol to the East and arrive at the Red Potato Inn that is being attacked by Orcs.

Our own half-orc does his thing and destroys at least three of them. That damn sorcerer can’t hit shit. Our fucking leader Jim Smiley doesn’t do anything but rip off his shirt before battle. Thank god we won because one of the orc knocked me out with one hit. Durin healed me but fuck… I don’t want to owe this dwarf anything.

I’m thinking about learning an exotic dance. The half-orc keeps looking at my butt.



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