Pathfinder: Aftermath

The Journal of Captain Jim Smiley pt 2

Jim Smiley's Log

  • Feb 15th*
    I made my report to HQ about my findings. I was put before Commander Jereld, not what I was hoping for. His listened to my story and gave me a hard long look. He told me he though my squad was assigned to the wall. I let him know that Prince Sebastian had assigned me a new squad and had ordered us to resume our patrols. He seemed irritated and told me to cancel any more patrols until further notice. He ignored what I said about the orcs having Mandra armor and weapons with a wave of his hand.

Feb. 17th
Prince Sebastian visited the barracks today. He told us that a weapons supply caravan was headed on its way to Befort and for me to take the squad and make sure it gets to the city. I let him know what Commander Jereld had said when I turned in my report. He thought it over for a second, gave me a smile, and said not to worry about it. We leave to meet the caravan tomorrow morning?

Feb 20th
I just finished giving my report to Commander Jereld. He was extremely upset that I went against his orders. I reminded him that my orders came from the Prince. I am unsure where this hostility is coming from. We saved the Caravan from being overrun by Goblin riders and archers.

About a day after we met up with the Caravan we were set upon by two goblins on wolf back and a squad of goblin archers. My squad rushed the goblins head on. The half orc cleared out the goblin archers while the rest of the group and I took on the riders. We made quick work of them. Once again the goblins were wearing Mandra military garb and weapons. Something is just not right about it.

Once again Commander Jereld ignored my findings and commanded us not to continue our patrols. He said he would speak with Prince Walmud about Prince Sebastain’s orders. Something is fishy.

I found an old corsage and pinned it on Weird Beards coat. He did heal the team well and it seemed to make him happy. Schmee joined us for the Caravan protection; he is an odd one but fits right in.

Feb 21st
While I was away giving my report and taking care of other matters my squad helped the local constable in getting rid of that villainous 6 Finger Jack. I love that they took it on themselves, it shows great character.

Feb 24th
Prince Sebastian ordered me to take the troops on another patrol out east along the road. He knows what Commander Jereld’s orders are but he said not to worry about it. He would take all responsibility. He thinks something is wrong; that there should be no reason to stop the patrols. And the fact that the monsters are wearing Mandra uniforms needs to be investigated. We leave tomorrow.

Feb 25th
We found the Red Potato Inn burned to the ground. Poor Connie was found dead… to have survived that first attack and then die now seems so harsh. We will avenge her! We found tracks leading south into the mountains. We have started to follow them and track these vile orcs and goblins back to their lair.

Feb 26th
We have made camp after a long day of fighting. We tracked the Orcs and Goblins deep into the mountains following a river. It led us to a relic of the distance past… a large dam from the looks of it. We entered it through a door at its base and barely made it out with our lives. The Orc’s left an Ogre to guard the exit out of the dam. When we emerged from the ancient monument we were on the other side of the mountains. This makes me fear that the monsters really were working for the Mandra army. We will pick up the trail again the morning.

Feb 27th
We continued with our hunt and it led us out of the woods and up to a makeshift encampment. We planned our attack and executed it perfectly. The 7 of us laid waste to over a dozen orcs, gnolls, and… Mandra soldiers! Just as I suspected the evil hordes are working with the Mandra military. We must make it back to Befort to alert Prince Walmund that they have joined forces. But first we will be headed to a Dwarven fortress that is nearby. They are about to be besieged by the Mandra army and a dwarf we rescued, Strago, said they could get us back over the mountains quick and safely. We leave for the Dwarven fortress soon.



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