Pathfinder: Aftermath

The Journal of Captain Jim Smiley pt 1

Jim Smiley's Log

After everyone made it to the tunnel the dwarves hand you your non fighting gear that they held for you while you were in battle. Including Jim Smiley’s adventurer’s bag which tucked inside yall find his journal. Because no one in the party has morals you all take turns reading it…

Part 1

Feb. 2nd
It has frustrated me to no end that I have lost everyone under my command to Prince Walmund’s army protecting the walls of Befort. I have no doubts as to the importance of making sure the wall is well manned but it makes no sense that it would be at the detriment of the entire countryside surrounding the city. The cities patrol guard is important to the farms and villages as well as making sure any supply trains are not attacked by brigands. On top of it all I was left here to rot in our empty barracks! I bet it was Commander Jerelds idea to leave me here; he has never had love for me and I have no idea what I could have done to vex him so.
I hear rumor that Prince Sebastian has been dispatched to Befort and will be here soon to take over command of the city patrol guard… I am sure he will be displeased that it is just me.

Feb. 8th
Prince Sebastian has arrived to take his command. He was, as I suspected, displeased that the patrol had no troops assigned to it. He grilled me for information but alas I had none to give as to the reasons behind the gutting of my garrison. Prince Sebastian say he will look into the matter more in depth but that he was glad to have such an honest man as his Captain. I think I will like serving under him.

Feb 10th
Prince Sebastian brought me a list of incoming reinforcement troops from the training fort outside the capital. He circled a few but said to pick five of the soldiers to incorporate as my new squad. I used to command 20… not sure what 5 will accomplish. He said that a 6th soldier would be coming as well but that they were delayed for a reason he did not say. The 6th will be a gnome fresh from the new ranks of Citadel Paladins by the name of Schmee Hunglong, such a brave sounding name.
I studied the list and came up with 5 that I think will fit the guard just fine. They should be here tomorrow!

Feb 11th
Such a disaster! I turned in the names of the 5 soldiers I wanted and they turned it down and gave me the most rowdy bunch of misfits there was! A female bard who wouldn’t stop staring at me, a dwarf cleric with a weird looking bearded, a ranger that I swear looks more like a singer, a quiet sorcerer that seems to just know one spell, and a half orc fighter… A HALF ORC?! What am I supposed to do with that?

Feb 12th
Prince Sebastian ordered me to take the squad on a patrol headed east along the mountain road up to Red Potato Inn. I think fondly of Connie the inn keeper and I am looking forward to seeing her. It will be nice to be on patrol again serving our nation. But I can’t help wonder if Prince Sebastian is going against the will of his brother who stopped the patrols in the first place…

Feb 14th
What an eventful patrol! I took the squad up the east road that skirts the mountains up to the Red Potato Inn. As we got close, my horse Artax Jr., became very nervous; so I dismounted and let the squad know to keep their eyes open. As came up to the inn’s fenced yard we saw a few dead bodies and the strong scent of Orcs!

Orcs?! I can barely believe it myself! There hasn’t been Orcs in Tandel for years! But there they were before us, having just killed the inns workers and guests. The squad was a bit nervous at first but I told them to gather their nerves and to find their bravery! They responded with great enthusiasm. We charged into the yard and slayed the fell beasts before giving our attention to the house. The half orc, private Unran, was felling orc after orc with the look of enjoyment across his ugly face.
The Ranger however got a little to gung ho and charged into the inn and was injured from the ambush waiting inside. We quickly recovered and made our way down in to the Inn’s basement where we were able to kill the Orcs leader and rescue the only survivor, Ms. Connie.

Strangely on inspection of the Orcs before we burned their foul corpses had bits of armor and weapons that belonged to Mandra soldiers. Perhaps they attacked some poor squad on the other side of the mountains… or could they be working for Mandra??? Seems unlikely but I will report my findings soon.
Overall it was a successful mission and I am glad Prince Sebastian had us patrolling again. I am beginning to love my misfit team! That new shirt of endless mending came in handy. I have tried to keep myself from ripping my shirt apart when I go into combat but I just can’t seem to stop… I will continue to work on it.
Last note, the dwarf with the weird beard… he seems to want to move up in ranks and insisted that he contributed the most… I found an old school dance ribbon I had in my storage locker and gave it to him… it seems to have appeased his ego.



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