Pathfinder: Aftermath

Hag Ruins Level 2

The company head a young lady calling for help down stairs. They were cautious as they went down the stairs but as soon as they got down there they lost all their wits and split up making as much noise as possible. Someone even set off the only trap they had come across the entire war.

They found the young lady calling for help and Schmee rushed to her rescue only to find it was ruse and she was actually a Hag. He tried to convert her to Lomedae but she was not interested. As the group fought her they were surprised from behind by another Hag.

After both hags were vanquished the company found the magic item that held the orc warlord in command of the Mandra army. Weirdbeard decided that he was going to take it back to his home city of dwarves and use it for their own benefit, but the rest of the team looked at him and said “hell no”. they were going to take it back to their base and see if the Wizard who sent them could destroy it.

In the corner they saw the slumped form of Jim Smiley who was still alive. The bregrudenly rescued their former captain.



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