The capital city of Georgan, which expands all the way to the peninsula of Tandal. It’s known for its ridiculous amount of festivals and activities. It’s a member of the Southern Nations that banded after the Civil war between Tandal and Orlandra concluded. They have a large military presence but their kind does not have any desire to expand or get stronger, simply live out his days to the fullest.

Faction: Southern Nations
Ruler: King Salason
Known Residents:

Notable Places
-Arena of Alantrious: The Arena that once was the Falcon’s Stadium.
-Bartel’s Academy: The most popular university in the city.
-Botanical Garden, The:A park in the center of the city.
-Castle Falcon: The Castle of King Salason.
-Mahon’s Lucky Day: Casino
-Shattered Tooth, The: Dive bar located in the Heel.
-Troll Tusk, The: Don’t bother.
-Stragan steel-heart’s Armory: Renown Armorer and his shop.
-Winchester Inn & Tavern: A keep located in the entertainment district.


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