Tesseract The Heavenborn

A mighty Oracle born of the Heavens!


A thin man with a stench compared to the purest of roses. His beard drapes from his chin which is home to the most charming of smiles.


“It is often said a gifted one is born with each full moon, although it is long forgotten that there are those that are born from the full moon.”
Tesseract son of Jalheen Thornstriker, was first born from a set of twins. Jalheen being human and his wife Yalluhah, elf, was proud and fearful to become a father. He knew the pain of child bearing as his parents where taken from him by a malicious wizard wince he was still a young-ling. And as it were the second of the half elf babies were born still. The taint of Tesseract was most foul and apparent.
Jalheen knew not what to do so he did what any good father would do and raised Tesseract without hesitation. They fled from both human and elf villages alike as Tesseract drew too much attention to himself. Blankets, toys, food, anything that was given to the child would be blown away or broken as if he was cursed. This was only a diminutive circumstance compared to the shock when his parents would find him levitating were he lay.
Jalheel being a man of cunning and a natural socialite yearned to be back in a town amongst people. This thirst grew into resentment toward his wife who he learned had natural abilities in the arcane herself. He felt deceived and betrayed. The two people he cared for the most were holding him back from being happy. In retrospect his wife and child reflected the Mage who smitted his family so long ago.
One sobering night Jalheel murdered his wife in a rage-full display. As he turned toward Tesseract to finish the job, something awoke in the boy. A beam of light struck him from the heavens granting him abilities beyond his comprehension. The father was thrown back in a ball of fire, burnt to death in an instant.
Not knowing who he was or were to go, Tesseract fallowed the nearest stream for a few days until he came upon a house were a elven family resided in peace. Fortunately they were also banished elven druids who had similar powers as he. They raised him as their own and helped temper his abilities in the light magics instilling a willful and pure heart.
It wasn’t until Tesseract left his foster family that he learned of the true powers he possessed. Many men would fallow him on his adventures with out hesitation. He was a leader, and a truly caring and powerful one at that. One fateful day Tesseract the Heaven-born, a name given to him by his cohorts, came upon a Lesser Lich, a servant of the Great Lich King. They battled for hours upon hours and in the aftermath lay the bodies of all that fallowed into battle. Tesseract and the lich stood one versus one on the remains of the mighty.
The lich gave way to the heavens, and the Heaven-born gave way to the shadows of despair.

Tesseract The Heavenborn

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