Lexilindriel (Lex)

Consequence's Archivist Cohort


Age: 45 (20 in human years)
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Archivist


Lexi is an Archivist for the Church of Perpetual Glory the organization that funds Consequence’s constant crusade against evil. She is Consequence’s helper and documents their various adventures. She comes off as shy and reserved but is constantly soaking in information and always seems to know everything about anything.

Lex was born to a human adventure woman, along with her twin brother, that she never met. In the womb her brother was granted the powers of a chosen of The Lost God. Some of that power was transferred to her giving her powers over divine magic unlike that of a regular cleric.

Shortly after their birth custody of the twins were given over to her father, an Elf who had sired them at the end of his Wandering Years. At the start their father raised them as legitimate children but after his marriage, his new wife would not allow for his bastard children to hold place above the legitimate heirs they would sire. After the birth of his legitimate children the twins were sent to be raised by the Church of Perpetual Glory. The twins were about 25 years old when this happened but emotionally and physically appeared to be about 12 due to their elven blood.

At 27 both siblings began to show the signs of their inherited powers. Her brother could merely think what he wanted and it would happen. She could whispers the words to a memorized prayer and cause the magic to happen. Each passing day her brother caught glimpses of a divine mystery being revealed to him from The Lost God and eventually in the dead of the night left both her and the monastery behind. Lex on the other hand closed herself off and disappeared into the vast library of the Church of Perpetual Glory.

At 45, looking at about 20 years of age, some new leaders of the Church of Perpetual Glory began to understand that her brother received his powers from The Lost God, whose worship is forbidden or seen in a negative light in many realms. They devised a plan to use her to find her brother and put an end to him before he became to powerful. The high cleric of the Andmar Abby secretly assigned Lex to work with Consequence to get her out of the hands and plans of some of the church’s leaders.

Lex is able to channel the powers of the divine through the emotionless memorization of prayers and spells using herself as a conduit of the power rather than through heart felt prayer to a god using a holy symbol. Though she is a member of the Church of Perpetual Glory who worship Sarenrae and her powers stimming from her brush with The Lost God, Lex does not actively worship any god.

Lexilindriel (Lex)

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