John Keys


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John Keys

His family has helped protect others from harm for as long as anyone can remember, since the beginning if you ask them. He grew up being taught the way of the wilds by his father, a respected officer in the army. Trained to hunt and fight since he was a boy. when he was of age he chose to fallow in his father footsteps, and joined the army.

His family consists of
His Dad Luke Keys. who is a retired Major.
His Mom Lysa Keys
His Sister Sara Keys a gifted caster that chose the wrong side in the war, and has been missing ever since.

Since the end of the war John has grown tired of his useless title. He gave most of the land to his aging parents and started wandering looking for was to prove his worth in battle, tournaments, or just helping the needy. Only returning when he is required because of his title. To hide his fame on his travels he has taken a new name Reven , but most know of him as the black archer. Known for his skills as an archer displayed at tourneys, and the occasional stories of a archer dressed in black helping travelers, and wondering traders in distress.
He has made his way to Alantrious for the archery tournament.

John Keys

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