Jim Smiley

Young proud Military Captain.


Jim Smiley was the Captain of the Beforte City Guard before the fall of Beforte to the Mandra army. His garrison was gutted by Prince Wauldmond when his Army regiment arrived in Beforte as part of the Prince’s plan to weaken the city. The city guard had only one squad left in it made up of a rag tag bunch of fresh recruits. At the orders of Prince Sebastian, Jim Smiley continued in his duties to patrol the region along the mountain ranges. Discovering evidence that the Orc hordes were in league with the Mandra army his reports to Prince Wauldmond went unheard and his actions punished.

At the behest of Prince Sebastian suspicions that something was not right Jim lead his troops through an unknown mountain pass into Mandra territory. He learned of the alliance between the Mandra forces and the Orc hordes from a clan of dwarves manning an dwarvish outpost. The outpost came under attack by the orc hordes and John sacrificed himself to allow his squad to escape in the dwarven tunnels to get word back to Prince Sebastian.

He was last seen joining a dwarven shield wall against the orc hordes while the dwarven tunnel entrance was collapsed.

Jim Smiley

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