Durin Axebeard

Dwarven Cleric


Best Friend: Schme Hunglong
Favored Deity: Abadar
Favorite Attack: Summon Monster

Has a salt and peppered beard and stands tall compared to most other Dwarves.


Durin feels compelled to lead others, as well as being entitled to it. Coming from the City of Gunthor, a large Dwarven city made up of ancient subway system. Hoping to prove his own worth to his father and clan he sets out make a name for himself. He likes to take walks on the beach, summon monsters, appraise, mine, craft weapons and armor, as well as heal those that he considers an ally. During his adventures he is known to be a natural leader, and inquisitive. He lives to jump into danger at a moments notice and bring himself and his families name honor.

Durin Axebeard

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