Consequence Deathsbane

Dhampir Inquisitor from up north.


Consequence Deathsbane
Age: 150 (looks 25 in human years)
Height: 5’7"
Hometown: Hoboken NJ
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown

Pale skin with black hair. She typically wears all black. Very serious and focused on her current goals most of the time. Doesn’t think much of the future. Often will go off on her own avoiding people but secretly longs to be accepted.


Before humans, dwarves, and elves completely pushed the Lich Lord and his armies off the mainland, Consequence’s parents lived in a small village just east of the Shadow Fang Mountains. (appalachian mountains) The village was attacked by a Vampire Lord and a large company of ghouls, who burned the village to the ground and lead many of the survivors away like cattle. Consequence’s mother was bitten by the Vampire Lord and shortly after gave birth to her premature daughter. Her mother, still having not turned, took her child to the safety of an abby belonging to the Church of Perpetual Glory and left her with the clerics and then disappeared.

The abbey was a place where followers of Sarenrae learned their healing arts. Consequence was mistaken for a normal human child with very pale skin and was taken in by the priests where she began training as a healer. For the first few years it was just chores and book learning. when she turned 14 she began her training in channeling energy from their God to cast spells. She caught on quickly and learned many spells faster than any of the other initiates. But one day while practicing their healing spells one of instructors in a demonstration cast a healing spell on her, to disastrous consequences. The effects of the spell injured her instead of healing her.

The priests were very concerned and stopped her training immediately. They isolated her away from the rest of the students and for several months she saw no one except for when she was brought food.

After a few months of isolation she was visited by an older man who seemed very cautious as he approached her. He was dressed in very flamboyant leather armors and across his back was strapped a large great sword. He introduced himself as Victor a follower of Sarenrae and he was here to observe her. Without notice Victor grabbed a hold of her and whispered the words of a spell. She struggled but his grip was that of iron. After a few moments he let her go.

Victor told her he could sense a small measure evil that existed in her but a larger presence of good that kept that evil at bay. He revealed to her that he was Victor Deathsbane a Chosen of Sarenrae, known as the High Inquisitor, granted long life and special powers from the goddess to carry out her will. And that if she wished, he would take her under his tutelage, strengthen the good within her, and put her innate abilities to work for her own redemption. That though she was the spawn of a great evil, Sarenrae could provide a path for her, to save her from herself.

Consequence followed Victor Deathsbane for 61 years. Learning to fight the undead, demons, devils, and any vile evil they could find. Her ability to cast spells increased and she had a high proficiency toward the martial arts as well. She followed his lead as they took on special missions to weaken the Lich Lords armies and drive them back toward the sea. At the age of 75 the Lich’s armies had only patches of resistance left on the mainland. In a push to conquer the city currently known as Heartsford Victor died on the battlefield.

In the aftermath Victors death she picked up his Great Sword that lay next to him and vowed to avenge him and continue his legacy of fighting the Lich Lord and his armies. Upon picking up the weapon and making her vow, Sarenrae extended her powers to Consequence and blessed Consequence as her new Choosen. Consequence took the surname Deathsbane as her own and later the Church of Perpetual Glory named her High Inquisitor of Sarenrae.

For the last 73 years she has hunted down evil that has escaped of the isles that the Lich still controlled and looked for ways to purify the tainted lands of the Dead Coast.

Consequence Deathsbane

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