Arawen Autumnfire

Firstborn daughter of Autumnfire noble family


Age: 45
Height: 6’2"
General Description: Fair skinned with shimmering golden hair. Always found wearing light armor and hunting clothes instead of her prescribed royal dresses. Always wears a golden pendant given to her at birth by her father.

Rebellious and stubborn, Arawen finds herself easily bored with stiff nobility life and prefers to observe and train with knights and archers of Autumnfire guard. Well aware of her perceived beauty she will attempt to charm everyone around her. Due to her stubbornness however the charm is quickly lost in the presence of a challenge in which she cannot back down.

Her Story
Hometown: Alantrious, Georgan
Mother: Amara Autumnfire
Father: Arabane Autumnfire

Being the firstborn daughter of Duke Arabane and Duchess Amara in the established noble family of Autumnfire, Arawen was raised as a lady to one day become a duchess herself or even a princess of Georgan. However, finding herself more dexterous than any of the boys growing up, she found herself ducking out of parties and her studies to hunt in the nearby forests.

Traveling to distant lands was her fantasy, and it meant that escaping her life was her destiny. With the festival coming up, Arawen sought to enter both the archery and melee tournaments to earn enough money for a one-way journey across the sea…

Arawen Autumnfire

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