Pathfinder: Aftermath

Hag Ruins Level 1

Leroy Jenkins

The Squad woke up and prepared to enter the Hag Ruins. They approached from the north side and found all entrances to the structure to be locked. Axebeard summoned his burrowing hyena but once on the other side it was killed very quickly. The team searched around the building and ran into an ogre guarding an open entrance into the ruins.

After a quick fight they gathered at the entrance to the ruins. Axebeard, always trying to be the group leader ran deep into the first floor with John Keys following slightly behind. They were ambushed by an invisible Night Hag. John Keys was put into a magical slumber and Axebeard was diseased by a vicious bite from the Night Hag. After a long and exhausting fight against the Night Hag the team was victorious.

They found a number of magical armors but did not see any magical talisman that held the Orc King in their control. While looking around they heard a woman’s voice from bellow yelling for help…



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