Pathfinder: Aftermath

Aftermath- Tales thus far
Games 1-10

(Below are a collection of stories heard about the adventures)

Trogdor, and his companion dwarf traveled into the city of Alantrious with his long-time friendJohn keyes. Both being considered Tandel lords and generals thanks to their heraldry in combat and ending the Civil War they were asked to be guests at the Annual Festival for uniting the kingdoms. The inn they had planned to stay at was overbooked but thanks to the kind staff they were given another inn located in the heel for free.

Meanwhile a young soon to be princess named Arawen had escaped with her childhood friend to check out “The Shattered Tooth”, where former knights and the like were reportedly staying during the festivities. When they arrived the half-elves young friend attempted to steal something from Consequence Deathsbane. He was caught and kicked out, but Lex was there to keep everyone calm. Arawen, now alone, appeared to make friends with a strange oracle by the name of Tesseract The Heavenborn who always talked about himself in third person and at times claimed that he was almost a deity himself.

The following day the Celebration began and with it the tournaments that were prepared. A special game was integrated into the day, and beast was released underneath the city for adventures to find. They all paired up and made their way and eventually found the elusive beast. Moments later though it had been swallowed whole by a massive purple wurm that had tunneled through the earth up to the surface of Alantrious. The seven heroes formed together and slayed the beast. After-which Arawen had discovered that her best friend had been killed by it. Simultaneously goblins had attacked the city, injuring the king as well as stole much of the rewards for the games. With the city in chaos and the city guard attempting to bring order back, one of the commanders asked for the heroes to give chase to the goblins and return the stolen goods.

They began their journey and soon found a goblin camp in the Whispering Oak, after destroying them they found clues to their base’s location and that they actually kidnapped Durin Axebeard, King of Gunthor. A Gnome merchant by the name of Glint Ravenwood of the Ravenwood Trading Guild, told them that the city of Lowry has had sightings of mutated goblins as of late. They made their way to Lowry and met the locals, one of which was a priest named Rufus who used to consider himself a Black Vicar, but was now devoted to Khiroism. They all told tales of their Deity Khiro, and the impact he made on the city when he arrived, they all worshiped him. The heroes found a hidden tunnel inside of a well that led to an underground bomb shelter. After Trog’dor Strife scared a woman into falling down into the tunnel they made their way inside. There they found Khiro and his mutated goblin horde. After defeating him they discovered that the sword is what changed the people of Lowry into Goblins, and he was controlling them with some kind of mind-control. They also found Durin Axebeard, who was happy to his old friends, as well meet some new ones.

Back in Alantrious, Tesseract The Heavenborn vanished without a trace, and Arawen came back to an unfortunate home-coming. King Salason had died, who was set to marry her and because of the local legend the people were convinced she was cursed. Her family reluctantly disowned her, having a 2nd daughter to give into marriage. She left long-time home and camped outside of the city preparing to leave for good. The rest of the party had already been informed of an opportunity that King Axebeard to obtain their own land and base of operations if they were to align with the Nation of Gunthor and help cleanse the Mountains of the evil. They agreed, and with a little more convincing Arawen did as well.

They set out and on the boarder of Georgan and Gunthor they find a village named Fennifen. It seemed normal enough until in the middle of the night someone that was called The Crimson witch appeared, as well as a mysterious Tower that had erupted from the ground. They entered, fighting ghouls a long the way, as well as avoiding traps and finding clues they met the Crimson Witch. It was a difficult battle that almost ended with their deaths but with the quick thinking of Trog’dor they teleported to safety and vanquished the Witch for good.

It wasn’t long til they reached the Mountains that contained the city of Rocky Helm. A small surface-side trading village named Wedge was in front of its entry though and at this point was denied to all those that were not from the city. After meeting a series of townsfolks, they became involved with Bracken Half-blood of the Bracken Badboys gang who claimed to know a secret entrance into the city. All he led them to was a nest of Troglodyte eggs and it’s guardians. After the fight, John stashed an egg into his bag and they made their way through the caves to find Rocky Helm. Bracken fled from the party and the others went to see a Mr. Dwaryne the Rock-beard-Johnson who introduced you to the the Human representative of Rocky Helm, Orland Xavier who claimed that Bhragin Storm wind was the one responsible for the vanishing humans. After gathering some intel you find out that the Stormwinds own a Mine located in the back of the city inside of the Forge District.

Inside the mines they find burned dwarf corpses, as well as some magical barriers to keep them from entering. They arrived just in time to stop a masked magician with a pair of hell hounds from killing Bhagrin Stormwind. After the close encounter, they found out that it was actually Orland behind the mask, and he was attempting doing what was requested of him so he could enter an organization called The Krux. He was arrested and Stormwind pledge his allegiance to your cause.

That day Axebeard returned to his kingdom and thanked the heroes for a job well done. In the morning he set them up with a guide who happened to be the recaptured Bracken. to atone for his crimes he was sent to serve the cause. His Brother Gorzack even awarded them with a magical item for the trouble he has and will cause.

In the Gunthor mountains, they find remnants of wagon that belonged to the Olivebranch family, and soon a lake covered with a dense fog. Keyes decided to walk across the lake with a spell and avoided a hive swarm in the process. The others managed to find a Boat, and with their horse that was retrieved by Arawen they ventured across.the lake. The swarm was no match and soon they were on the island with the castle. The place seemed baron and abandoned, but inside on the dungeon level the former king of Gunthor, Garrin Axebeard was found dead inside one of the cells. They also found several hive warriors and a queen waiting for them in the next room. The battle was short and deadly, and many of the adventures almost lost their lives but it did not come to that. They persevered and claimed their new home as their own.

Hag Ruins Level 2

The company head a young lady calling for help down stairs. They were cautious as they went down the stairs but as soon as they got down there they lost all their wits and split up making as much noise as possible. Someone even set off the only trap they had come across the entire war.

They found the young lady calling for help and Schmee rushed to her rescue only to find it was ruse and she was actually a Hag. He tried to convert her to Lomedae but she was not interested. As the group fought her they were surprised from behind by another Hag.

After both hags were vanquished the company found the magic item that held the orc warlord in command of the Mandra army. Weirdbeard decided that he was going to take it back to his home city of dwarves and use it for their own benefit, but the rest of the team looked at him and said “hell no”. they were going to take it back to their base and see if the Wizard who sent them could destroy it.

In the corner they saw the slumped form of Jim Smiley who was still alive. The bregrudenly rescued their former captain.

Hag Ruins Level 1
Leroy Jenkins

The Squad woke up and prepared to enter the Hag Ruins. They approached from the north side and found all entrances to the structure to be locked. Axebeard summoned his burrowing hyena but once on the other side it was killed very quickly. The team searched around the building and ran into an ogre guarding an open entrance into the ruins.

After a quick fight they gathered at the entrance to the ruins. Axebeard, always trying to be the group leader ran deep into the first floor with John Keys following slightly behind. They were ambushed by an invisible Night Hag. John Keys was put into a magical slumber and Axebeard was diseased by a vicious bite from the Night Hag. After a long and exhausting fight against the Night Hag the team was victorious.

They found a number of magical armors but did not see any magical talisman that held the Orc King in their control. While looking around they heard a woman’s voice from bellow yelling for help…

Into the Swamp!
Never Let A Dwarf Keep Watch

The squad discovered a map to the Hags location in the swamp. They set out traveling south for a day before reaching their destination they were taken by surprise by a Shambling Mound but were easily able to overcome the foe.

Upon reaching their destination they found a very old ruins and decided to retreat back and camp out for the night instead of pressing forward. During the night Durrin Axebeard was taking first watch but did not notice a patrol of 3 Ghoul scouts crept up on the party. The ghouls ambushed the squad but after a long fight the Ghouls met their death.

The squad slept the remainder of the night unharmed.

The Journal of Captain Jim Smiley pt 2
Jim Smiley's Log
  • Feb 15th*
    I made my report to HQ about my findings. I was put before Commander Jereld, not what I was hoping for. His listened to my story and gave me a hard long look. He told me he though my squad was assigned to the wall. I let him know that Prince Sebastian had assigned me a new squad and had ordered us to resume our patrols. He seemed irritated and told me to cancel any more patrols until further notice. He ignored what I said about the orcs having Mandra armor and weapons with a wave of his hand.

Feb. 17th
Prince Sebastian visited the barracks today. He told us that a weapons supply caravan was headed on its way to Befort and for me to take the squad and make sure it gets to the city. I let him know what Commander Jereld had said when I turned in my report. He thought it over for a second, gave me a smile, and said not to worry about it. We leave to meet the caravan tomorrow morning?

Feb 20th
I just finished giving my report to Commander Jereld. He was extremely upset that I went against his orders. I reminded him that my orders came from the Prince. I am unsure where this hostility is coming from. We saved the Caravan from being overrun by Goblin riders and archers.

About a day after we met up with the Caravan we were set upon by two goblins on wolf back and a squad of goblin archers. My squad rushed the goblins head on. The half orc cleared out the goblin archers while the rest of the group and I took on the riders. We made quick work of them. Once again the goblins were wearing Mandra military garb and weapons. Something is just not right about it.

Once again Commander Jereld ignored my findings and commanded us not to continue our patrols. He said he would speak with Prince Walmud about Prince Sebastain’s orders. Something is fishy.

I found an old corsage and pinned it on Weird Beards coat. He did heal the team well and it seemed to make him happy. Schmee joined us for the Caravan protection; he is an odd one but fits right in.

Feb 21st
While I was away giving my report and taking care of other matters my squad helped the local constable in getting rid of that villainous 6 Finger Jack. I love that they took it on themselves, it shows great character.

Feb 24th
Prince Sebastian ordered me to take the troops on another patrol out east along the road. He knows what Commander Jereld’s orders are but he said not to worry about it. He would take all responsibility. He thinks something is wrong; that there should be no reason to stop the patrols. And the fact that the monsters are wearing Mandra uniforms needs to be investigated. We leave tomorrow.

Feb 25th
We found the Red Potato Inn burned to the ground. Poor Connie was found dead… to have survived that first attack and then die now seems so harsh. We will avenge her! We found tracks leading south into the mountains. We have started to follow them and track these vile orcs and goblins back to their lair.

Feb 26th
We have made camp after a long day of fighting. We tracked the Orcs and Goblins deep into the mountains following a river. It led us to a relic of the distance past… a large dam from the looks of it. We entered it through a door at its base and barely made it out with our lives. The Orc’s left an Ogre to guard the exit out of the dam. When we emerged from the ancient monument we were on the other side of the mountains. This makes me fear that the monsters really were working for the Mandra army. We will pick up the trail again the morning.

Feb 27th
We continued with our hunt and it led us out of the woods and up to a makeshift encampment. We planned our attack and executed it perfectly. The 7 of us laid waste to over a dozen orcs, gnolls, and… Mandra soldiers! Just as I suspected the evil hordes are working with the Mandra military. We must make it back to Befort to alert Prince Walmund that they have joined forces. But first we will be headed to a Dwarven fortress that is nearby. They are about to be besieged by the Mandra army and a dwarf we rescued, Strago, said they could get us back over the mountains quick and safely. We leave for the Dwarven fortress soon.

The Journal of Captain Jim Smiley pt 1
Jim Smiley's Log

After everyone made it to the tunnel the dwarves hand you your non fighting gear that they held for you while you were in battle. Including Jim Smiley’s adventurer’s bag which tucked inside yall find his journal. Because no one in the party has morals you all take turns reading it…

Part 1

Feb. 2nd
It has frustrated me to no end that I have lost everyone under my command to Prince Walmund’s army protecting the walls of Befort. I have no doubts as to the importance of making sure the wall is well manned but it makes no sense that it would be at the detriment of the entire countryside surrounding the city. The cities patrol guard is important to the farms and villages as well as making sure any supply trains are not attacked by brigands. On top of it all I was left here to rot in our empty barracks! I bet it was Commander Jerelds idea to leave me here; he has never had love for me and I have no idea what I could have done to vex him so.
I hear rumor that Prince Sebastian has been dispatched to Befort and will be here soon to take over command of the city patrol guard… I am sure he will be displeased that it is just me.

Feb. 8th
Prince Sebastian has arrived to take his command. He was, as I suspected, displeased that the patrol had no troops assigned to it. He grilled me for information but alas I had none to give as to the reasons behind the gutting of my garrison. Prince Sebastian say he will look into the matter more in depth but that he was glad to have such an honest man as his Captain. I think I will like serving under him.

Feb 10th
Prince Sebastian brought me a list of incoming reinforcement troops from the training fort outside the capital. He circled a few but said to pick five of the soldiers to incorporate as my new squad. I used to command 20… not sure what 5 will accomplish. He said that a 6th soldier would be coming as well but that they were delayed for a reason he did not say. The 6th will be a gnome fresh from the new ranks of Citadel Paladins by the name of Schmee Hunglong, such a brave sounding name.
I studied the list and came up with 5 that I think will fit the guard just fine. They should be here tomorrow!

Feb 11th
Such a disaster! I turned in the names of the 5 soldiers I wanted and they turned it down and gave me the most rowdy bunch of misfits there was! A female bard who wouldn’t stop staring at me, a dwarf cleric with a weird looking bearded, a ranger that I swear looks more like a singer, a quiet sorcerer that seems to just know one spell, and a half orc fighter… A HALF ORC?! What am I supposed to do with that?

Feb 12th
Prince Sebastian ordered me to take the squad on a patrol headed east along the mountain road up to Red Potato Inn. I think fondly of Connie the inn keeper and I am looking forward to seeing her. It will be nice to be on patrol again serving our nation. But I can’t help wonder if Prince Sebastian is going against the will of his brother who stopped the patrols in the first place…

Feb 14th
What an eventful patrol! I took the squad up the east road that skirts the mountains up to the Red Potato Inn. As we got close, my horse Artax Jr., became very nervous; so I dismounted and let the squad know to keep their eyes open. As came up to the inn’s fenced yard we saw a few dead bodies and the strong scent of Orcs!

Orcs?! I can barely believe it myself! There hasn’t been Orcs in Tandel for years! But there they were before us, having just killed the inns workers and guests. The squad was a bit nervous at first but I told them to gather their nerves and to find their bravery! They responded with great enthusiasm. We charged into the yard and slayed the fell beasts before giving our attention to the house. The half orc, private Unran, was felling orc after orc with the look of enjoyment across his ugly face.
The Ranger however got a little to gung ho and charged into the inn and was injured from the ambush waiting inside. We quickly recovered and made our way down in to the Inn’s basement where we were able to kill the Orcs leader and rescue the only survivor, Ms. Connie.

Strangely on inspection of the Orcs before we burned their foul corpses had bits of armor and weapons that belonged to Mandra soldiers. Perhaps they attacked some poor squad on the other side of the mountains… or could they be working for Mandra??? Seems unlikely but I will report my findings soon.
Overall it was a successful mission and I am glad Prince Sebastian had us patrolling again. I am beginning to love my misfit team! That new shirt of endless mending came in handy. I have tried to keep myself from ripping my shirt apart when I go into combat but I just can’t seem to stop… I will continue to work on it.
Last note, the dwarf with the weird beard… he seems to want to move up in ranks and insisted that he contributed the most… I found an old school dance ribbon I had in my storage locker and gave it to him… it seems to have appeased his ego.

Tsarra's Notes - Game 2 Recap - 3/11/2015
The bard's Log

A gnome has joined our ranks with an even more ludicrous name than our captain Jim Smiley.

Schme Hunglong. I’m more than 100% sure that a Hunglong family name has never existed. Will need to investigate later.


Prince Sebastian shows up and delivers an order. Must be pretty important because I was expecting to never see royalty for at least a year in this shithole.

We head out to defend a caravan. Sure enough we run into goblins. Again Un’ran our half-orc does his thing. I need to remember to buy him something nice. Speaking of nice things… Smiley ripped off his shirt after battle again. I’m more okay with this than I was last time. It’s a beautiful thing.

The rest of the night was a blur. The fucking dwarf and his mini-Schme wanted to go somewhere to find some guy with six fingers and I had been drunk. All I can remember is them dragging me into a dark alley, a fight breaking out, and us winning.

That stupid gnome is pretty hilarious, even if all he wants to do is Smite Evil. “If you want to be Schme lover, you got to get with Schme friends.”

Tsarra's Notes - Game 1 Recap - 2/27/2015
The bard's Log

The Five Failures arrive at Befort for assignment

- John Keyes, the human ranger

- Myself, Tsarra Sunweaver, half-elf bard from Sun’nai, but we’ll get to that later.

- Lushska, a half-elf sorcerer

- Durin Axebeard, some obnoxious dwarf

- That Half-orc that kills things for us.

We’re assigned to Prince Sebastian under the command of Jim Smiley. Yes. Jim Smiley is his fucking name.

We get our stuff from the quartermaster, Chance, Maybe. He seems cool.

We get drinks from the barmaid, Isabella, Maybe who is equally cool. I plan to make friends with this chatty girl.

The very next day we patrol to the East and arrive at the Red Potato Inn that is being attacked by Orcs.

Our own half-orc does his thing and destroys at least three of them. That damn sorcerer can’t hit shit. Our fucking leader Jim Smiley doesn’t do anything but rip off his shirt before battle. Thank god we won because one of the orc knocked me out with one hit. Durin healed me but fuck… I don’t want to owe this dwarf anything.

I’m thinking about learning an exotic dance. The half-orc keeps looking at my butt.


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