In a world where two dimensions have now become one; evil, the unknown and adventure lurk behind every corner. Welcome to the aftermath.


PlayerBenJohn KeysRangerHuman1
PlayerPaulArawen AutumnfireBardHalf-elf10
PlayerScottLexilindriel (Lex)ArchivistHalf-elf12
PlayerTristanTrog’dor StrifeDragon DiscipleHalf-elf25

Three years have passed since the civil war between Mandra and Tandel suddenly came to an end. Tandel, having won the war, continues to rebuild and is in the process of becoming the great land it once was. Meanwhile Mandra, is another story and barely exists at all. A majority of their cities are now barren, save the capital city and miscellaneous military bases. Though other nations have left them to their own devices, the hordes of goblins, orcs and ogres that they once controlled have not. A leader has risen from their ranks to unite the savage humanoids in order to eradicate Mandra entirely. Not else is known to those not involved in the war.

The surrounding countries took note of Tandel’s strength and proposed an alliance during their time of restoration. King Rodmond Montgomery III gladly took the helping hand. In return, future aid to any of the nations in the alliance is demanded if they are war bound. There have been rumblings about an impending attack on the southern nations, but from whom, it is unknown.

The campaign begins on the anniversary of the declaration of dependence. A festival is being held in the Georgan’s capital city, Alantrious. The cities are packed with travelers and vendors from all walks of life. Street performers and self-proclaimed knights wish to make a name for themselves. The festival is hosting tourneys consisting of archery, melee and Jousting. Unlike your typical tourney, all can enter, so long as they have the coin. In the festival’s short life of existence, it has been known to bring those of queer and/or questionable demeanor. For example, last year’s melee was won by a great axe wielding half-orc claiming that he only entered the tourney to pay his many bar-tabs.

There have also been rumors whispered in the taverns and brothels that an event called the Big Hunt is going to be held, but details regarding what it is have not been leaked. Most believe that is nothing more than folly.

Pathfinder: Aftermath

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